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When you are with your 300+lbs ex girlfriend, who was thin when you were together, in the back of your car, outside of the college you both attend, and she decides to show you some new tricks she learned from your brother. After she rocks your world, and the back of your car, you pull out, spray jiz all in her hair, then laugh wile driving away. About ten minutes later, you realize you forgot to kick her out of the car first, so you pull over, leave her on the side of the road, and throw bus fair out the window for her, wile yelling "that's for smiling".
Person 1, "Hey, dude, yesterday I got to 107th base."
Person 2, "Really, I don't believe you"
Fat ex Girlfriend, "Yeah, I still havn't gotten it all out of my hair"
by Keeserat1 April 13, 2010
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