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Pop station in Houston with homosexual DJs, whose attempts at being funny only make them seem even more homosexual.
"Oh my god we are going to play the BackStreet Boys next! I think I'm going to cream my pants in anticipation!"
by Rod Ryan December 31, 2004
49 31

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Houston pop station for all the high school brats who hang out at the Galleria. Male DJs really do sound gay. They claim to play new music when that song has already been out for a month and played on other stations.
Dude why do you listen to KRBE? Are you gay?
by TQX April 28, 2005
29 21
The most rockin' radio station in Texas. Plays a bit of everything, all the "in" songs, as some people may call them...and are annoyed by them. I am I lover of almost all music, however.
Houston's #1 Hit Music Station is 104 KRBE!
by Lexi January 05, 2004
19 47