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When a person has the sensation of all-knowing about a subject having gained only a small amount of information about it. Since most introductory courses touch over basics of the entire scope of the given topic, the person immediately feels as if he/she is an expert on it. In conversation however, it becomes clear that this person has absolutely no idea what he/she is talking about.

The order of competence is as follows:
1) Ignorance is bliss: The person knows they have no idea about the subject and acts accordingly.
2) 101 Syndrome: Someone learns a little bit about it from one source or another and feels like they know everything about it.
3) Further education: You learn half the things you were taught were wrong and the other half oversimplified.
4) True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing: When you learn enough about anything, you realize no one has a clue how anything actually works.
Doctor: "You don't have leprosy. It's the flu. Take these for the fever and stop watching House to take care of that 101 Syndrome."

<Insert that scene from Good Will Hunting here>

<Insert that person that won't shut up about the plot structure and wide angle shots in Good Will Hunting here>
by chapasaurus January 13, 2010
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