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A California-based band with a worldwide audience. With a genre of music that can't quite be placed, (something between Indie/Rock/Jazz/Country) this fledgling band is slowly but surely growing in fame. The band members include Jerad Anderson, Benjamin Graupner, Lawrence Abrams, Benjamin Johnson, and Jackson Rathbone. The 100 Monkeys are as unique as they are awesome with a Bananager named Marty, a scientist named Scott Coslett, and a dog named Gus, and a very wise friend by the name of Spencer Bell.
Jessica: Hey do you wanna go see the 100 Monkeys with me?

Johanna: Yes!

Jessica: They're playing in L.A. this weekend.

Johanna: Let's go then.

Jackson Rathbone Spencer Bell
by Riverwater October 27, 2010
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