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A rule that implies a guy should receive sex from a girl that he is seeing/dating within a 100 usd dollars being spent on her. If he does not receive sex with the first $100 spent, the girl is not into him and/or is using him.
Ex1. Guy A: So how did it go with that girl Kelly last night?

Guy B: It was fun. I bought her 100 dollars worth of clothes when we went to the mall and she said she would call me soon.

Guy A: C'mon man, 100 dollar rule! She's just using you for your should have gotten laid!

Ex2. GUY 1: So how did the dinner date go last night with that chick with the big t&a last night?

GUY2: I ended up spending $100 on a seafood dinner & drinks then we went back to her place and tapped that ass all night. I even got a tossed salad from her!

Guy 1: NICE! She passed the 100 dollar rule...she's a keeper!
by DeMan7669 September 28, 2013

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