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1. 10 minutes of pleaseure 20 years of pain(Jail)
2. Jailbait
Guy1:Goddam that bitch is fine
Guy2:Shes 16
Guy3:(imitating a police man) we got a 10 20 in progress
Guy4:who the fuck says 10 20?
by Charlie Hy November 06, 2005
10=L 20=V
L is the 10th letter of the alphabet and V is the 20th letter of the alphabet
Are you from Cali?;Naw dawgg im fom 1020 las vegas;LV
by lilpuppet January 02, 2010
a massive, messy, and liquidy shit that takes a quick 10 seconds to release, but 20 minutes to clean your ass.
Andy- "Jimmy what the hell were you doing in the bathroom for so long?"

Jimmy- "Had a 10-20 bro. shouldn't have eaten that shitty food from the cafeteria."
by Juturnaa October 29, 2009
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