When a long awaited program, after months or even years of beta testing and releases, finally gets released as a version 1.0.
"God, I'm so glad that VLC finally 1.0ed"


"I can't wait until Boxee 1.0s"
by mandrig July 29, 2009
10 of weed usally 1.4 grams
yeh just a ten, cheers
by the one and only Jx May 22, 2005
The number that represents a couple that consists of one very slender partner and another very obese partner. Seeing the two side by side is like seeing the number 10.
Did you see those two? She's fat as hell and he's almost emaciated. God damn, it's like seeing the number 10.
by mel_ancholy December 06, 2007
girl with a big ass. Shawty has a hot big ass, all round and shaped like a circle.
Michael was so horny he looked straight at that 10!!!
by Alexander Cardinale November 03, 2007
'10' is a sarcastic meanin.
sayin '10' means 'lied'
so basically whatever you just said; you didn't mean it. you was lying
10 = lied
ricky: check out what i got... a 400watt sub in the boot of my new golf gti!

deano: yeaaa 10
by birchy kid February 26, 2008
bianary code that is used to make the digit "2" on a computer screen.
There are 10 kinds of people in this world; Those who know bianary code, and those who do not.
by Rowidz December 14, 2004
sex, like penis is 1, 0 is vaggy, --0
"Damn, girl we should have 10 tonight!"
by bobobobobob May 12, 2008
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