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When you see a customer within 10 feet of you, you ask them if they need assistance. This applies to employees at retail stores like Wal*mart.
Bob (a Walmart associate) is stocking shelves in the chemical department, and he notices a customer about 6 feet away looking at the air-fresheners. Bob uses the "10 foot rule": "How are you today sir? I notice you're looking at the air-fresheners today." Customer: "Yes sir. I see you have new Glade candles scents for the fall season." Bob: "Why yes we do. We have 4 new scents to choose from, and we also have them in the spray forms, as well as the plug-in oil refills." The associate used the 10 foot rule very well resulting in a happy customer who will most likely continue to shop there time and time again.
by Grunge4Life82484 September 19, 2013

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