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0-if you think the person is so UGLY that you just can't give them a 1.

1-Monster, can't bare to look at them.

2-Hideous, 18 more points to go but will never reach it.

3-Ugly, Monstrous, someone you would never ever go out with.


5-Nothing good about their face but not completly hideous.

6-You just find them unattractive.

7-Ugly but suprisingly face doesn't hurt your eyes.

8-You wouldn't look twice.

9-Almost average just need to fix.

10-Completly average, not a SEXY BEAST but not a MONSTER.

11-Slightly unattractive but not a lot. Someone you wouldn't call ugly but not call HOT.

12-Cute but doesn't make you sexually driven.


14-Just cute, leave it like that.

15-Gorgeous but not someone that drives you sexually, just gorgeous referring to the face. 5 more points to go to make you horny.

16-Pretty, decent to look at, doesn't hurt your eyes, do-able.

17-Pretty hot

18-Good looking, some complaints, but not a lot.


20-A walking god or goddess. Doesn't exist but the closest you could get is 19.9.
Actually Happened
Me:On a scale of 1-20 what do you rate me?
Guy (I'm not saying name)-(Making up mind)I give you a 15.
Me:I love the 1-20 scale.
by tamtam27 October 23, 2010
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