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George W Bush's last day in office. Also a day where either Barack Obama or John McCain will start to clean up the mess known as the United States of America.
I can't wait until 1/20/09
by CupBdown June 18, 2008
Hopefully, the day it all changed.
The nation was going in a downward spiral before 1/20/09.
by hi_there January 21, 2009
Judgement Day. The day Barack Obama is inaugurated into the office of Presidency. He, being the anti-christ terrorist that he is will cause the world to end most likely through nuclear holocaust.
James: So 1/20/09 is coming up. Are you planning anything special for your last two months to live?

Lindsay: (sobbing hysterically) What is the world coming to? A black president? Why?
by alcatraz bars November 05, 2008
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