German slang for something very simple, poor and "not special".

History: This slang comes from the German military. The 08/15 was a standard Machine Riffle, that was first produced in 1908 and later modified.
It was the first standardized industrial product and the birth of the german DIN (=German Industrial Standard).
The soldiers dind't liked it very well, so it became a slang for something that is very common.
Windows is a 08/15 operation system.
by Tempesta May 02, 2004
German slang for "A mass-produced, standardized object," such as the titular machine gun - a cut down version of the MG08 for use as an assault weapon/light machine gun, of which several thousand were built before the end of World War I.
East German Soldier: My Kalashnikov must be a 08/15 - I've seen about ten of them in the span of five minutes!
by RedShocktrooper October 05, 2011

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