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The 007 Effect (also called James Bond Effect) is a theory in propaganda and political circles, whereby the first detailed opinion/summary that someone hears or reads on a particular topic, is the one they are most likely to adopt.

Called the 007 Effect - in reference to the James Bond character - as there is highly anecdotal evidence that the first actor someone sees play the chacater of James Bond, is the one they prefer (i.e. someone who saw their first Bond film in the 1960's will tell you Sean Connery played the best Bond, however those that saw their first Bond film in the 1990's will tell you Pierce Brosnan is the best).
Mike: Hey, John I hear that Dave got fired? You guys had lunch all the time didn't you?
John: Yeah, he was let go last week. The wierd thing is our Manager keeps going on about why he got fired - showing me emails and letters. If you ask me, that's just wrong - that's confidential information.
Mike: Well, that's the 007 Effect for you. Management know that you will probably catch up with Dave sometime soon.
by buckonz December 30, 2011
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