Morse code of SOS, which stands for save our souls.
look, theres morse code for SOS ...---... Lets land this helicopter and save them!
by FahHot July 12, 2008
Morse Code for SOS. Replaced by Mayday at some point.
...---...! Our ship is sinking!
by Lord Swagalot May 09, 2013
1.) Noun. Used in written conversation to express disbelief, incredulity, or lack of response to an outrageous statement.

2.) Noun. Written proceeding a sentence to add implication to that sentence.
1.) Person A: Yes, I did eat the bread that was growing mold. I was that hungry!

Person B: ......

2.) Person A: Have you heard back from the doctor about that rash?

Person B: Yes...... Implication: (And I have an STD) or (And I would prefer not to talk about it).
by qwertry October 30, 2011

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