An extremely small drawing of a penis.
Debbie: So what did it look like
Laura: .
Debbie: Wow, no wonder he drives a pick up truck.
by minkmcfeeget September 30, 2009
Usually called a full stop, or simply a stop, this symbol is used to signify the end of a sentence.

NB Sometimes known as a "period".
Check out the crazy ending of this sentence.

Teacher: "Jane, you've missed your periods in this essay. Maybe you should look at Jenny's work, she's got periods all over the paper."
by theresnofreenamesonUD March 15, 2008
Stop, end, enough, finish, end, no
by Caringseeit February 04, 2014
the most meaningful part of literature. the period enhances sarcasm usually in texting or some form of messaging.
(over texting)
fag1: "hey!!"
fag2: "hey."
fag1: "wait! r u ok?"
fag2: "no."
by moshmallow January 15, 2010
a guy with an extremely bitchy face and a big head. he also is a faggot who has a small cock and chases mice for breakfast because he can't afford to but salami. Instead, he traps ass farts in his closet so he can eat a cake.
"Omg look its ahmad..."
"Careful he might headbutt you with that head"
by ADf September 30, 2013

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