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A person who dresses and acts like the opposite gender.
That boy is a transvestite. He wears dresses, wigs, and heavy makeup.
by Johnnyjohnny May 27, 2005
27 24
A dude that is addicted to glamour. Also lesbians that like stuffing their pants.
Jim: Dad, what is a transvestite?
Mom: Ask your Mom - he knows.
by Hefner February 29, 2012
10 14
A male member of society that likes to dress up in womens clothes, usually men in high powered jobs like to feel emasculated by wearing such attire. Not to be confused with a transexual who wants to be a woman.
Hey Bill that sure is a pretty dress you're wearing to work it shows off your hairy man legs but hell your a transvestite
by Missbehaving October 22, 2010
18 23
a guy that likes to dress-up as a woman
transtastic transvestite
by BeckieCannons June 01, 2012
3 9
Tim Curry in a corset.
i'm just a sweet transvestite...from transexual...transylvania
by Sean the Pirate October 02, 2006
122 131
In Texas Hold'em. Holding the cards A/4. When the A is the first card you see and you slowly squeeze the 4 out from under it... it appears to be an Ace... But its not!
Try and keep your poker face the next time you squeeze the transvestite.
by !!Mr_Pink777 September 23, 2005
71 156
a woman's soul trapped in a man's body, or vise versa.

often cross dresses.

"just a sweet transvestite"
the play i am my own wife or rocky horror picture show.

tim curry is the transvestite
by kelseyrobin December 23, 2006
44 137