A grammatical tool that precedes a sentence reffering to oneself in the 3rd person.
"-Gets change later." = "I will get the change later."

"-Takes shit." = "I am going to take a shit now."
by nasty nizzle May 03, 2006
Top Definition
Used in IM conversations to indicate the presence of a letter in a typed word that does not belong and should be omitted. This is a quick alternative to using the full correction, which is preceded by a *.

Often, the word that the erroneous letter appeared in is not indicated by the typer, leaving a bit of guesswork for the reader. However '-' should generally be limited for use only where minor typographical errors have occured to avoid this potential confusion.
Correct usage..
Guy: Hey, did you watch that showq?
Guy: -q

Incorrect usage..
Dude: Yeah, it was awsesmomet
Dude: -s
Dude: -m
Dude: -t
Guy: Awesome, perhaps?
by shaun_b August 09, 2005
To delete, remove, mark down, subtract, defriend..etc
I megan -'ed last night. (Megan minused) meaning "I deleted Megan last night"

I just beer -'ed. (beer minused) meaning emptied my beer (normally in the restroom).

I just -'ed facebook. I just removed facebook.
by agarillon July 20, 2011
a hyphen. it's just a mother-fucking hyphen. You use it with compound words and preceded by "oft-" if you're feeling fancy.
Millennial A: Hey what's with the - thing?

Millennial B: Not sure bud. It's either a minus sign or that thing some idiots put between 1 and D.
by needsnointroduction January 21, 2014
- is used to seperate words to make them a single word
Want A-Medal? is now 2 words instead of 3
by Medal January 14, 2010
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