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A Japanese RPG (aka anime RPG) for Playstation released at the height of the Playstation RPG fandom in mid-1999. Simply unique due to it is perfect for beginner RPGs gamers with a not fully developed cerebral cortex. Actually, it is ideal for old gamers to come back and try to build up their former glory. I understand that one of the reasons it is cutesy is that "Princess Mint" doubles as a comic relief character. The game is known to be cutesy which may alienate most mainstream gamers.

Gamespot 7.9
IGN 7.8
5th grader: What is the easiest RPG for Playstation?
6th grader: Umm, Threads of Fate. It's cutesy though.
5th grader: What's wrong with it?
6th grader: I can't stand comic relief. The characters make me insane.
5th grader: ...

by HELLADS February 11, 2009
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