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A female that demands to be treated equally but is quite willing to revert to "old-fashioned values" when it is convenient. i.e.:

- expecting the guy to be the one to screw up the courage to approach her.

- letting the man pay when the cheque arrives.

- moving furniture and other heavy things.
She was very vocal about equality of the sexes but turned into a femocrite when she had to get her boyfriend to kill a spider she found in the bathtub.
by Tom Burns June 08, 2006
A feminist, male or female, who claims to be campaigning for equality for all, but, in fact, only campaigns to correct equalities where the woman is disadvantaged.

Femocrites are found widely distributed throughout the media and are increasing in numbers at an alarming rate. When challenged, they are usually unable to provide examples to contradict the accusation.
The femocrite who wrote the article complained about the lack of high ranking women in the military, but did not suggest that male-only military service should be extended to include women.

She went on to complain that clothes for baby girls are often in pink without questioning the fact that clothes for baby boys are often blue.
by See both sides May 31, 2014
someone who claims to completely support women's rights and the advancement of women but, in all actuality, only does so when a woman's opinion is the same as theirs.
Pink and Ashley Judd were total Femocrites when Pink claimed that Sarah Palin "scared" her and Ashley likened voting for Palin to a "chicken voting for Colonel Sanders".
by muddygirl February 05, 2010
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