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Stanley is the nicest, funniest, most amazing guy to EVER walk this earth. He is the easiest person to talk to because there is never a dull moment because there is always something to say. Stanley is one of those people who sets goals and achieves them every time because he is so dedicated! He is so much fun and you cant help but find yourself falling in love with him all over again every single day <3 Stanley is the kindest guy you will ever meet because of his respect and the way he cares for others. If you were in a bad mood and then you started talking to him, you wouldn't be in a bad mood anymore because he can always cheer you up even when you feel your at your worst. He is so smart and can do anything and everything! He knows who he is and he stands out from the rest. He is the most unique and interesting guy you will ever meet!But the best thing about him is his faith in God and his amazing relationship with God! He lives his life to the fullest and does what is right. He is the most trustworthy person you'll ever know. Stanley is such a rare find because of his morals and his way of life. He's one of those guys that every girl prays they'll find, one of those guys that you never want to let go or ever let out of your sight. He will quickly become your favorite part of the day, your best friend, and your whole entire world. Most importantly he's one of those guys that you'll want by your side forever because you love him so much <3
whos that person spreading cream cheese all over his face?

oh that's just stanley! :D ;)

*stanley* ><>
by rachelK21 June 11, 2013

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