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When a bunch of guys tries to hook up with one guy.
1) Kevin got petered.
2) Kevin got majorly petered.
3) JT
by TDAAWWGG September 01, 2010
25 35

a reigatian term for stealing. If something has gone missing, someone (namely Peters himself) has peters-ed it. A peters-ed incident is identifiable as something that is completely useless in purpose or value, and has gone missing. those that spot this burglary should all utter in unison PETERS..

can describe lying on ones back when about to score in hockey. one who performs this seemingly impossible feat is said to be in a state of peters.

Can also describe the explosion of home-made ginger beer. the bottle is said to have peters-ed. bonus points are awarded if the lemon pieces go all over the victim.
'peters came to my house last weekend, and peters-ed my guitar jack. i only found out when he told me.'

'theres a ball missing from this atom arrangement diagram.. PETERS..'

look at that peters lying on the ground when the cross came in..

the home-made ginger beer peters-ed all over Mr Dare, complete with lemon pieces to flavour.
by jamesblay December 03, 2009
7 19

Celtic Slang for someone who blatantly likes to discredit and disgrace his fellow colleagues regardless of evidence to enhance the size of his dimunitive penis. Can also be used as a verb to describe the action of becoming an axe wound.

1.) That twat is such a peters.

2.) Did u see Alexander get peters'd at the samurai exhibition?

OR I saw Alexander getting peters'd when he fell into the axe stand!
by Revenge101 October 23, 2006
30 45
(verb) to peter is the act of feeling up ones girlfriend in front of all your friends in a relatives house
OMG i cant believe he just did a peter on her
by link from zelda September 07, 2009
68 88
I don't really know. sorry.
But just say his name randomly for no reason :
"Blue Peter!"
"Peter Andre!"
"Peter Stringfello!"
"Petey Pablo!"
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
11 37
The word peter, in southern Australian is commonly used while referring to a Dream-Team spud. It began to be associated with this meaning in early 2007 and since then has been the most prominent word for describing a Dream-Team spud. the word can be used in when describing a group of people or an individual. While the term Dream-Team spud differs each time it is use it is widely regarded as someone who is shit at Dream-Team. Peters have been around since the turn of the millennium but are now starting to get the recognition they require.
That peter scored 1200.
Hey have you heard the new kid at school is a peter.

Look at the bunch of peters over their.

Once a peter always a peter.

He is the king of all peters.

Peters make up the bottom 95% of Dream-Team.

You know how i know his a peter? "he has Kurt Tippet in the ruck"
by The Joffernaut April 13, 2010
10 42
A person, usually male, whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable, especially social and sexual norms. Comparable to a lech, a Peter is unpleasantly strange and makes members of the opposite sex, or same in some cases, concerned about their safety and overall well-being. Peters are most often found in social gatherings because of the protection and cover provided in a crowded room, they have difficulty entering into and maintaining healthy relationships, and in most cases, have criminal backgrounds.
"Ew, why does that Peter keep watching us while we make out?"
by KMANEAST May 11, 2010
32 65