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Kiss-ass; a person who does what authority says, and anyone is authority, just to avoid confrontation; pussie; brown-noser, Goodie-tew-shoes, Pussie, Jimmy-Cahtah; reluctant to stand up and defend anyone or anything; flip-side view: reputed best defense attorney, except Jesus, of course
Former US President, Jimmy Carter, is said to have been a (_ϴ_) for stifling US military when Iran seized 52 US embassy staff members as captives during his term in office...."Coach Byer's daughter is a (_ϴ_)...all we were doing was shooting craps to get control of her come-out partie, what'd she narc us out for?"..."Jimmy Carter is a (_ϴ_)...I think we should go over there and bust them up!"
by TwelverWoodie July 10, 2011