v. Text representation for mooning someone in IM chat.
Example 1:
IM Boy: (_|_)
IM Gurl: Gross!

Example 2:
IM Girl: (_|_)
Im Boy: Nice!
by fcsuper September 15, 2006
It is basically meant to be a picture of a bum or booty or ass and is commonly used in text messages.

Variations are:
(#|_) A spanked bum
(*|_) A kissed bum
(_Y_) A bum with a big upper crack
(_x_) A tight ass
(_______|_______) BIG BUTT

and many more.
Stop being such an (_|_)

kiss my (_|_)

(#|_) !!! (#|_) !!! you naughty boy
by danarae May 25, 2005
the way to type flipping somebady off.
Skaterpunk83210312: Hey, what's up
Demonboy8483: _|_
by Samuel April 07, 2004
A way to tell somebody to "fuck off" or "up yours".
A: Stop being such a dick.
B: _|_
by whoissomeoneelse March 10, 2009
A VERY BIG booty or a quite large ass. This is the wonderful anatomical feature that a female may possess when they have hip measurements of 38 inches and up. Very common with black and latina girls, and also a considerable number of white girls as well.
Jennifer Lopez, Vida Guerrera, Shakira, etc.
by Union Soldier May 22, 2005
It may represent a Dick or a middle finger or a flipped face
Guy 1 : Fuck off!
Guy 2 : Suck my _|_

Guy 1 : Fucking loser
Guy 2 : Take this _|_ up ur ass

Girl 1 : What's wrong with u ?
Girl 2 : Having some cold _|_
by lil_misho February 26, 2011

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