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You take a woman from behind (see doggy style) while she makes out with another woman (Spiderman style), who is lying on her back with her legs pointing away from you. You then lean forward while still thrusting and perform oral sex on the second woman. This requires a very long, inhuman torso. But I can do it.
Woman 1: Oh baby, take me from behind, I beg you!

Man: Okay

Woman 2: Sounds good, I'll just make out with woman 1, Spiderman style! Thwbbt

Man: Good thing I have this inhumanly long torso, because now i can pleasure woman 2 like a sexy scorpion, by performing the (sexy) Skorpion
by Earl of Clevwick December 07, 2009
A twist on an old favourite: The man begins by lying on his back with a woman lying on her back with their heads together and feet pointing in opposite directions. The man then flips his legs behind his head imitating the action of a striking scorpion. The woman then proceeds to catch his manhood in her mouth where the dance of love then continues.
Woman: I hunger for your manhood.

Man: Let's do a twist on an old favourite.

Woman: Surely you don't mean...

Man: Yes. ((Sexy) Skorpion)
by rickard's bed December 07, 2009
n. An animorphic sex act requiring inhuman flexibility in which a man and a woman heighten their sexual euphoria by imitating the actions of a sexy scorpion. The woman lies supine on a bed with her legs hanging off of the side below the knees. Once this position is assumed, the man performs cunnilingus. Imitating the scorpion's claws, the man grips and pinches the breasts with his hands. At the exact moment before the woman climaxes, the man swings one of his legs back, up and over his head, thusly kicking the woman in the face, increasing the intensity of her orgasm.
Male Russian Gymnast: Oh, Svetlana, I'm so overjoyed that we have won yet another Olympic gold for the Soviet gymnastics team.

Female Russian Gymnast: Da.

Male Russian Gymnast: Shall we celebrate? Mayhaps by engaging in some rousing, difficult and animalistic sexual activity?

Female Russian Gymnast: Da.

Male Russian Gymnast: The (Sexy) Skorpion, perchance?

Female Russian Gymnast: Da.

Male Russian Gymnast: Good. For the motherland!
by Comrade Molotov December 07, 2009
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