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Main Entry: (D) volve
Pronunciation: \di-ˈvälv, -ˈvȯlv, dē-\
Function: verb

transitive verb :

to pass on (as responsibility, rights, or powers) from one person or entity to a lesser irresponsible group of socialists

intransitive verb:
1 a : to pass by transmission or succession by means of deceit

b : to fall or be passed usually as a responsibility or obligation to a political party with no clue as to what responsibility or obligation even means
2 : to come by or as if by falling down
3 : to degenerate through a invasive "change" or evolution <where order devolves into chaos — Johns Hopkins Magazine>
The USA has (D) volved into a one party government.
by Foznots August 10, 2009

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