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Chatspeak for "but".
It is a play on the image of a person's bottom (or butt) and taking this image putting it place of when one would say "but".
In a chatroom somewhere:

Jennifer: Guys are okay ( )( ) I prefer girls more.
Holly: Girls ftw
Jazz: YAY girls
Tyler: ( )( )... :/
#but #butt #ass #buttcheeks #however
by BêñjíButton June 29, 2009
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( )( ) is a common symbol used on msn meaning ass, anal, buttocks, bum - whatever you call it.
person A : it smells like ( )( ) in here!
person B : yeah that's probably your ( )( )!
persob A : you ARE an ( )( )!!
#botty #anal #bum #behind #ass #arse #rear-end
by peter 4skin eater August 12, 2007
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