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Short for excited.
"I got front row tickets to see Iron Maiden!!! I'm 'cited!!!"

"I'm going to the reggae festival this weekend!"
"Yay! Are you 'cited?!"
#excited #elated #xcited #bored #cited
by Tuney Lew July 26, 2008
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A Shortening of the word "Excited".
"Fuck man i'm so cited bout these strippers!"
#cited #strippers #fuck #excited #shortening
by Grant S December 30, 2007
A lawful penalty ranked lower than arrest and higher then a slap on the hand. Violators (commonly trespassers) can be (but are not limited to) getting sniped in the ankle, punched in the face, or dropped through a trap door.
Sign: "No Trespassing. Violators will be Cited."

*Trespasses anyways, gets sniped in the ankle from somewhere in the trees*

Sniper: "Cited."
#sited #trespass #no-no #bad #sniped
by aherdofjews May 08, 2011
shortened form of the word excited
usually used when one is so excited they entirely skip the first part of the word
Barry: "Dude! You ready for the party later?"
Sam: "Yeah, man, I'm so cited!!"
#excited #essited #pumped #stoked #shortened
by moey92 December 02, 2009
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