When you tell one person a secret, and then tell them not to tell anyone, and then they tell everyone in less than a day. Kind of like the water droplet effect.
Bob: "Don't tell that to anyone I want it to be kept a secret
Ben: "Don't worry, I won't do a 'Zahar'.
by MrQwertyuno November 01, 2009
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1. Zahar is a name for a male human. No girl or pet should ever be named Zahar, unless it is a giraffe. Usually the shy boy who ends up getting all the chicks, perhaps because his name is slightly exotic. Match made in Heaven is Khalla.

2. Term used for exotic & unusuall sex positions.
1. Ivaj: Damn it!! I never get any chicks!! That guy gets them all!!
Ogan: Me neither! But thats just cause he's name is Zahar.
Ivaj: Do you reckon if I change my name to Zahar it will get me chicks?
Ogan: No Way. I already tried it. :(

2. Man, last night Greg pulled a Zahar!
by Fat Bitchxxx November 14, 2008

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