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Internet Entertainment. Websites that contain video clips, or sound clips for nerds to watch when the phones aren't ringing qualify as having 'netertainment' content.

Pronounced - 'net 'r' tain-ment
mrd00d : Hey "Watcha", If you weren't always gettin' your 'netertainment on, you might actually talk to some of the customers that we get paid to talk to.

Watcha : Oh whatevah, don't make me smash it to the pope.

mrd00d : Dude, you are a very strange kid.
by mrd00d November 17, 2006
Entertaining on the internet.

Chatting and lifting up your shirt.
Lieing about how many fans you have to gain more fans.
Ex. Jana Barros is the best netertainment. Now I'm talking Myspace. I went there last night, and hoo weee, she should go there again.
by ImOntheEnterDance January 18, 2012
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