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n., pron. froh-mans: A friendship/romance with a member of the opposite sex, most readily defined by a) its comfort, consistency, and ease, b) its ability to inspire "but what if..." thoughts, and c) its lack of sex.
Aww Steve and Rachael make such a cute couple. Oh their not a couple there just in a fromance
by MsBleu 21 February 23, 2011
When your trapped in a romance between one of your best friends.
She was trapped in a fromance, between her best guy friend.
by Karma aka MiMi April 10, 2009
A love for afros and everyone with afros.
Girl: "Look at that guy! I wanna grab his afro and make love to it!"
Guy: "Jeez woman, you and your 'fromance. Save it for the bedroom."
by Richeh April 28, 2008
A romantic relationship with a man with a fro, that loses load very quickly.
" Erin, did you see fromance at slip?"
by stabbieash1 June 21, 2009
a limited time when you think an afro would look good on you.
Man, stop all this fromance nonsense and fix your hair.
by Chazz Buzz November 06, 2008
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