A dog with an afro
"Nice 'Fro-dog you have there"
by DRKFR August 07, 2009
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1.a nick name given to a small white and brown dog named after a charicter Tolkin's books 'The Lord of the Rings', frodo. a Frodog (prenounced FRODE-DOG) will usually spend his life sleeping, eating spaggetti and cheese and chasing the number 48 and 49 busses. a frodog is usually fearsly racist and will bite black people outside tesco.

2. a dog with an afro (pre: Froh-doh)

3. the outcome of an orgy involving but not limmeted to a frog a toad and a dog.

human: 'you ok FRODOG?'
frodo: 'shuddup nigger'
human: ':O! ok.. :('
by paddy30002000 November 25, 2006

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