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Cantonese Verb

Pronouncation: Diu2 (similar to "dill" in English)

It means "Fuck" in Cantonese, with both sexual and non-sexual meanings.
屌你老母 Diu2 Nei5 Lo5 Mou5
Fuck your mother

屌閪 Diu2 Hai1
Fuck cunt

撚屌 Lan2 Diu2
by LRT 505 January 23, 2010
Fuck in Cantonese. The way to pronounce is

"dill" , fuck you in Cantonese is 屌你,the way to pronounce is "dill ley".
One day a noob are playing COD, the other player just keep killing you, but you didn't get any kill and he may shout"屌!"If you can't type chinese just type DOE
by jacklai97 February 19, 2011
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