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1. dawg
2. dude

pronounce as chuvak, stress on the last vowel letter (chuva'k)

it's used widely between friends in Russia when they greet each other, especially among youth.

also can be used between unfamiliar persons

used in a friendly or threatening way (depends on circumstances)

used between males only. you can say "чуви'ха" (chuviha, stress on the second vowel letter), female equivalent of "чувак", towards female, but it'll be very offensive in Russia
friendly way:
привет чувак. (prive't chuva'k) Hi dawg.

как дела, чувак? (kak dela' chuva'k?) - wassup dawg?

threatening way:
у тебя есть проблемы, чувак? (u tebya' est' proble'my, chuvak?) - do you have a problems with me dawg?

(less threateningly) эй чувак, в чем дело? (hey chuvak w choem de'lo?) - hey dawg, what's the matter? or hey dawg, what's going on?
by MaddMax August 29, 2008
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