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Ukrainian analog for word bitch, prostitute.
Ти курва. (u r bitch)
Смокчи курво (smoke bitch)
by Artas November 08, 2011
Polands' equivalent of the terms "whore", "slut", also widely used in western regions of Ukraine. Can be used to indicate frustration and/or disappointment.
-Чувак, а тебе з універу відрахували!(Dude, you've been suspended from the uni!)
-От курва...(Fuck me...)

-Марійцю, а ти знаєш?(You know, Mary?)
-Шо, Галю?(Yes, Helen?)
-А Стефкова мала вчора з Михаськом в сарай залізла!(Steve's daughter was with Mike in the shed!)
-От курва!(What a slut!)
by vadrigaar March 30, 2016

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