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Fostata(ФОСТАТА) is a new comeback phrase. Usually used in the bulgarian version of the Spoderman comics ( spider-man if you haven't realized it yet ) it has become very widely used in the conversation of the teenagers . The character Spinderman(Спиндерман) shoots web ( пайаджина) that really looks like sperm,but isn't quite it, at bad guys who also
have their names written wrong and drawn poorly,something typical for the Dolan type of comics.
"Venom I hate you so much! " - "Benom I heit uo somach"
" Веном ,много те мразя!" - "Беном,много тамарза! "
Web in the mouth for you ! - "Пайджина ФОСТАТА за тбе!"

{Paidjina FOSTATA za tbe}
by zippo the lighter February 11, 2013
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