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A smilie showing genuine hurt.
She dumped me. ~_~
by AKASummers October 23, 2003
Emote for eyes rolling
I can belive she did that ~_~
by mikemikemike July 10, 2003
A passive and directionless variation of the emoticon >_>. The wavy lines represent eyebrows "hiding" the eyes from being noticed.

1. To have a vague response.

2. To feign seriousness or induce sarcasm into statement.
A: Who stole my hat!?
B: No idea.
A: Oh, are you sure?
B: I wouldn't know. ~_~

A: That was a disappointment.
B: Life is full of them. ~_~
by S.Slider March 14, 2012
Man, I am so sleepy ~_~
by Sam3000 September 03, 2011
A smiey used for an Asian usually.
Patrick:haha lol
by TheMagic November 08, 2006

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