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Often called the cursed pinoy face, used by mainly pinoy's (person from the Philippines) or many others (who are not completely fluent with English or good with keyboards), in mmos, as a fail to create the emote ^_^.
Person1: Wow dude did you really just ks me?
Pinoy: ^_6
by :y March 10, 2010
Contrary to what some people think, this emote is not a failure in non-English speakers to communicate but a failure in English speakers to understand.

It's the winking anime face. The ^ is the winking eye. The 6 is the ridiculously huge open eye. You can add some imaginary sparkles to help with the visualization.
Fangirl 1: OMG! That hot dude from that anime just winked at the plain girl. He was all "^_6"!
Fangirl 2: OMG! He did!!! SQUEE!
by NuttyMeg May 29, 2010
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