An expression of nervous laughter, usually after saying something you perhaps shouldn't have.
Sara, I think you need to lose a few pounds before any boys will ever like you, ever... ^^;
by Lisa July 03, 2003
Top Definition
Depicts a nervous / anxious smile in ASCII art. The semicolon serves as a sweat drop (commonly seen in anime). Very frequently seen in Instant Messages or forums.
Woman: "Did you hear there was a big robbery right around the corner?"
Man in Ski Mask: "No... no can't say that I did. ^^;"
by MACHone Inc. August 03, 2005
Nervous smile / nervous laughter.

^^ = represents the eyes that are closed

; = represents the sweatdrop
Person 1: "Hey, your dad is uber sexy!!"

Person 2: "Heh... good to know..." ^^;
by Lynz053 March 15, 2008
A nervous smile as if indicating "Should I smile? Is it right to smile?" or asking someone it is okay to smile.
<Person1:> I had some ramen today! ^^;?
<Person2:> ^^;!!!!!!!!11one
by Strawberry Neko April 23, 2005
a smiley face with a mole next to the eye and one sideburn
Georgina: "hey check out this pic of my cat!"
Cat Man: "awww!!! that is soo cute!! ^-^;"

Jorje: "my cat just got run over by a car.."
Philip: "aww!! sorry to hear about that man. ^-^;"
by Jorje Lover December 16, 2008
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