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a phrase used in extreme excitement or happiness
"I finally aced a test, yea boi!"

(while stuffing a shot during basketball) YEA BOI!!!
#yesss! #oh yeah! #what now! #in your face! #yeah boy
by L-to-the-I-to-the-IZ June 08, 2006
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pronounced: yeah, boy.

an expression of excitement or achievement, occasionally used to signify agreement.
friend 1: you want to go see that new film tomorrow?
friend 2: yeaboi!

person: The DVDs I ordered finally arrived, yeaboi!

friend 1: this sandwich is awesome!
friend 2: yeaboi.
#yea boi #yeah boy #yea boii #yeah boi #yeaboy
by derpy herpington June 20, 2011
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