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Literally, one who masturbates. Common usage typically refers to anyone of whom you have a low opinion.
eckham's a fuck-useless tosser.

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "I have copyrighted the word "Tosser" for my new adult entertainment film. Please remove it from your site or i will be forced to take legal action. May i suggest replacing it with the term "Wanker"."
by anonymous March 18, 2003
1972 619
English insult.
Implies that the person masturbates excessively. Also see Wanker.
Hi I'm a Townie.

by Danny Romer March 24, 2003
1109 426
Useless, pathetic, incapable of doing anything right
Tony Blair is a useless tosser
by anonymous July 30, 2003
867 441
ok, here's the true explanation:

while the word wanker is a more general and term for expressing disdain for somebody, the word tosser describes a person with a tendency to show off or brag in an excessive and embarrassing way.

or someone whose explanation of a word consists solely of another synonym.
"well at first i thought this guy delivers, but in the end he was just another tosser."

A asks: hey, what does tosser mean?
B answers: duh, it means: wanker.
A thinks: what a tosser.
B thinks: damn, i'm smart...

by doc mock July 02, 2007
445 161
another way to say wanker.
Man City supporters are all tossers.
by International Bad Boy August 20, 2004
552 343
As far as I'm aware tosser has nothing to do with mastubation but comes from an old sailing term for a drunken idiot - 'he's a toss pot' - ie someone who drinks a lot is a tosser or toss pot.
by jane August 13, 2003
386 194
Noun, British slang; slightly offensive term: dick head, jerk, idiot, bit slow and rough, a non-violent bully, loud and rude + not brightest bulb on the tree.

Verb, Toss off, British slang for male masturbation; not the same meaning as the noun "Tosser."
When the cop got to my car and asked for my ID, he realized he'd pulled over the wrong car; what a tosser!
by Gillis1000 January 04, 2009
185 78