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S army is the fan base for the post-hardcore/metal band Woe, Is Me.
person 1: Woe Is Me are epic
person 2: S army for life!
by [s] army for life August 11, 2011
Short for Sylar's Army. Also called Zarmy, which is short for Zachary Quinto's army. Despite essentially worshiping a serial killer, Sarmy contributes to charity organizations, such as the Give Life Foundation. Many Sarmy members are also fans of Zachary Quinto's other roles, such as Spock, Sasan, and Smudge. Fortunately, the odd pattern of 5 (or 6) letter names that begin with s makes changing the name unnecessary. The Sarmy's main goal is to promote Sylar/Zac hary Quinto in all ways, and let the world know of his awesomeness.

Some slogans include:

* "Sure, Hiro can stop time, but so can breaking your watch. Only Sylar can get it running again."

* "This is usually the part where people start joining."

* "Because every villain needs a legion of evil supporters'"

* "Join The Sarmy. It's a no brainer'"
So, Bennet wants to kill Sylar? He'll have to get through the Sarmy first.
by Darkfire359 April 01, 2010
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