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-A word i made up-
Sexbox is an affectionet name anyone may call me , it can also be a sqaure box , designed persificly for each person with the word sexbox written on a side.
Sexbox;s have there own personalitys and may fall in love , you must look after them properly and treat them carefully.
1] "hey there she is ..HEY SEXBOX WERE OVER HERE"
2] "Look at my sexbox , its not like yours mine looks like a house and yours is just a box and look at how a wrote sexbox on i think the sexbox's are in love"
3] "where do you live"says girl "in my sexbox"says guy
he shuffles "im not a tramp/hobo/bum i like living in a box"
by Summer-sky / Naomi July 17, 2006
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