slick, badass, (any word to describe cool) sunglasses
damn.. those are some slick glix!! where'd you get 'em??
by KC Hardt July 10, 2008
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Nickname for "Glickson" the coolest, nerdiest, dorkiest, very awesome guy, EVAR. He's a black belt in taekwondo and no matter what he never gets mad at anything, he's an all around awesome dude :D
Me: Hey who's that black belt dude over there?
Glix: DUDE! i don't know you but ya... lol what's up?
Me: "um, hi?" (in my head i'm thinking this guy is a weirdo)
Glix: *starts saying some random cool stuff*
Me: Dude, you're really weird and crazy but you're really cool. here's my number, text me later ;)
by GlixRox December 21, 2010

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