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Zeusality : Is a Pet that takes on human like behavior and exudes it to their fullest potential.
Used in a sentence: Awe your pet exudes a lot of Zeusality.

Zuesality human like traits such as :

Humor, Practical Joker, sad/happy, A.D.D, Farting & claming it, annoying (Like Donkey from Shrek), Smiles ear to ear, Snorts, tender/cuddly, good listening skills, nosey, Imitations & sound effects( like Chewbacca ) affectionate, needy, voices opinion, shows contempt with a big sigh, swimming, diving for rocks, tug a war, tree dragging, playing pooh sticks, doesn't listen/tunes you out, tantrums, needs affection 24/7, Always happy to see you, plays hide & seek, delusional over weight, size & age (doesn’t know they’re 100lbs, has a rock head & bulldozer body. They don’t know they’re not lap dogs), wants everything you have, wears clothes, immature/whiney, has sported eyebrows, eats panties (SAY WHATTTT) , Rides in the car on the dash or in your lap, Makes a couch explode into shreds, loves you and everyone you introduce them to(not full-proof) Thinks they’re a Super Hero’s by sporting a receiving blanket (or used to keep warm), Intuitive & clairvoyant both work hand in hand, Loyalty, They never want to leave you by choice. Being clairvoyant and intuitive they know when it’s time to bid you farewell. But not without conveying in their special way that they Love YOU & will always be inside your heart and memories. R.I.P. Fatboy/Pooh 2003-2010
by Kiki_H November 22, 2011
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