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Origin German Austrian, verb
meaning, weak and angry.
Obamabiden, source, German Austrian; verb; meaning; weak and angry.

Yo, your acting so Obamabiden today.

I feel a little Obamabiden today.

Dude you are so Obamabiden!
by Feral Grognard August 23, 2008

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obamabiden acting are behaving little
A slight variation of Osama Bin Laden.
The name Osama Bin Laden is frighteningly similar to Obama-Biden
by Rick V September 11, 2008
Anagram solution: an idea bomb

an idea destined to explode in your face; a weapon of mass destruction; an obamination
The Obama Biden administration is an idea bomb, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction on course to destroy our great nation.

"Hey Joe, let's rescue the country from economic devastation brought on by overspending and massive debt by spending even more and driving our national debt to new heights."

"Can we do that, Barack?"

"Yes we can!"
by gmoney63 March 05, 2009