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To get yo' muthafuckin' dick sucked.

"Man, I'm just tryin' to get the MFDS."
by APap October 05, 2006
Someone who thinks that he is cooler than he is. An MFD spends all day in the weight room usually L.A. Fitness but any other weight room is allowed as long as it has mirrors. Has no problem with self esteem and texting 12 girls at one time is not a problem as long as he has a carton of juice, is wearing some oakleys and bumping in a pickup truck
That MFD is getting huge in front of that mirror right now.
by MFD lovers July 07, 2010
MFD em-eff-dee - adjective:
1. MFD, or Mother Fucking Delicious, is an emphatic adjective that when expounded can show greater emphasis (i.e. Mutha Fuckin- or in extreme cases Muh Fuggin-);
2. Applied to negative contexts MFD can become a flexible expression to appropriately enhance the negative statement: M.F. Disgusting;

3. MFD can appropriately enhance a broad statement: M.F. Dank;

Noun (used as object)
4. MFD can appropriately enhance a sexual or derogatory statement: M.F. Dick;
1. “Say Ma, this food is MFD!” or “No but f’real moms, this food IS muh fuggin delicious!”
2. “My bro just Instagrammed a pic of his MFD shit.”
3. “Come hit this MFD blunt right here” or “This dirty rap is so MFD!”
4. “Yooo mami over there is lookin right, she bout to get this MFD tho!” or “I don’t like my boss, she’s being a MFD right now.”
by T-Millz J.EZ March 29, 2013
Mother Fucking Dissertation: A term coined to define the seemingly impossible, never-ending process of moving from ABD to Ph.D. with one's sanity intact. First used for the eight-year anniversary of an as-yet incomplete and undefended dissertation.
Which movie? No, I haven't seen it yet; I've been working on the MFD.
by Professor Spring May 23, 2013
My fucking dude. This word is used instead of saying something along the lines of, "Dang player, you be spitting that game!" It's much more discrete, and just as effective.
John: You're cute
Rachel: aw thanks <3

James: *pats John on back while passing by* MFD, dawg.
by soces November 25, 2011
MFD , Mean Fucking Dog , a dog thats more into biteing than being petted.
Hey Watch out for the MFD!!
by Scott Meredith January 17, 2008
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