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A Taiwanese singer/superstar, member of the boy band Farenheit with less than amazing looks, contrary to the typical image of Calvins. A name of great fame, glory, and manliness. Common qualities include good looks, humor, musical proficiency, tastefully sarcastic remarks, and a distinctive sense of confidence. However, it is not to be confused with arrogance, as they can at times be bashful in nature. Originally meaning bald, the uncommon name has been morphed into a name of greatness, and is to be worn with great pride.
Wow, Calvin Chen is the most awesome singer in the history of mankind.
#calvin #chen #sexy #singing #taiwanese
by Sects January 11, 2009
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The meanest person you'll ever meet. You always have to buy his lunch and he never pays you back. He will abuse your girlfriend for no reason. He wants you to split up with your girlfriend so he can have you back as a best friend cause he thinks she is a bitch.
Aww fuck Your such a Calvin Chen
#mean #aggressive #bitch #bastard #fucker
by Nikky Da Luck October 16, 2010
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