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(noun) - an imaginary reward given from one boi to another based on a boi's actions or words.
Boi points can be rewarded for sexual conquests, witty quips, purchasing/making food for another boi, etc.
Boi points can be subtracted for blowing off plans with a boi, being grumpy and other un-boi-like actions.
Most boi groups don't actually keep a running tally of their current boi points. Its mostly used as a sign of approval or disapproval towards another boi.
Mookie: Yo Duff, last night I slept with two chicks at the same time, ate some Fiddle Faddle and successfully used 2 quotes from Swingers in everyday conversation. Oh yah, and here's a full rack of ribs I just made for you.
Duffleton: Nice! +5 Boi points for you my good man!

Roger: Hey Reg, sorry man, but I won't be able to come to the kegger tonight. My grampap died.
Regis: Minus 5 bois! <click>
by Mumpleton Funk January 23, 2009
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