Top Definition
Evil scheming smiley usaully used in chats or online games
c0oldudeaznx22: OmG LIKE WTF lollol
swtmschickzzx: >=]
by shiro masamune January 24, 2004
1. im standing behind the bushes watching you look.
2. lets do something naughty look.
romantic way-
girl and boy are flirting.....boy then draws >=) on her hand....or arm....or any other part of her body. lol

creepy way-
boy messages >=) to girl saying hes seen her around a lot. she becomes scared.
by bribribri June 22, 2008
An angry and sad face showing that you are upset and angry.
Jojomur92: I DID YOUR MOM
JohnDoe: >=
by Jordan M.... May 17, 2007
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