:3 is a textual face form stating that someone or something is attractive. In other words, too cute.
Booty lips isn't anything gay or cheesy. Anyone can use it because it's cute.
"Gurl you see that boy over there?! He cute!" :3
"Gurrrllllll yesssssss!!!" :3

"Bruh that's my gurl, aint she fine?" :3
"Hell yeah bruh! :3"

"I got an 'F' on my French exam." :3
by mr. alzerdah April 04, 2013
an internet used face, (Facebook, mostly) to try & look cute.

used by stuck up, snooty girls (ages 12-16) or gay boys. they say this is supposed to look like a cat " :3 "
i say it looks like a damn walrus.
Telia- Oh, i love Deryk, he's so sweet. :3

Mellika - i knoww. but wth with the walrus face?

Telia- it's not a wlarus -___-
by person who you will never know January 23, 2011
:3 represents two arms covering the mouth, as in, "I'm playfully hiding from what I said.." It is both confidence and submission to the audience. It is often seen in anime or when someone is being cute.

"we should hang out tomorrow :3" implies that the comment was playful and not completely serious.
hot pic :3
by kujua June 22, 2011
Deep-Throat face

see look at it again :3

yeah you get it ? >:)
Rhianne: making something for greg :3

Hollie: lol deep throat face ... :P
by TheMysteryLion December 12, 2009
1)Dusche Face
2) The face a person makes after saying something arrogant.
3) The face that every Apple Computer user has when in public.
I have a Macbook Pro... What kind of computer do you have? :3

My parents are giving me a 2010 Ford F350... What kind of car do you have? :3

Oh! It looks like i have a call on my iPhone. :3 I should take it... It must be important since it's on an iPhone. :3
by Don't go to Texas. August 14, 2010
It is an Expression representing a Walrus. :3
Peace. Love. and Walrus :3
by Alioso March 27, 2010
bones: "u r da best!"
max: ":3"
by MG RUFF August 08, 2008
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