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A smilie representing "noodles coming out of nose." The eyes are omitted. The colon represents the nostrils, while the equal sign represents the noodles coming out from the nostrils.
Person 1: :=
Person 2: wth is that?
person 1: noodles coming out of nose, you dolt!
person 2: oh, i c :=
by NoodleManiac October 03, 2009
:=(-emoticon showing a sad Adolf Hitler.
A:Dude, what did Hitler look like, when Berlin was taken over?
by Argo V August 12, 2007
The essence of stupid. ... :=!
:)-----> <----= ABORT ABORTWWWWWWW


BURN IT! >:=!

... :
by >:[=! December 08, 2008
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